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Dear Friends of the good liquids in life!

In my experience as a sommelier I am always thankful for the new tastes, styles and discoveries in the food & beverage World. After many many tastings I have found finally a very good partner in food pairing for ripe cheeses, cheese fondues with bread and cheese with marmalades and chutneys. With the cool and elegant sweetness of Carroll's Mead I have a well balanced partner in crime for these tastes!!! Try it also on fruit based desserts like sweet bakery and pastries!!!
Thanx Mr. Carroll - Good job!
Kindest Regards, Marco Giovanni Zanetti
International Award Winning Sommelier

October 8 2008

My husband, Jon, went out sailing with his brother and friends.
Jon's friend Tim brought your honey wine to share. Jon hadn't had
a wine he ever liked till this night. After much searching we found your website and a local store that now carries your honey wine. I then
tried your honey wine and although I'm still not a wine admirer it's the
one and only wine I've ever had that I actually could stand to drink.
Also, those that went sailing all loved the wine. My husband and others
have been sharing with everyone as have I, about your honey wine and
where to find it on the web and in our local stores.  Thank you for
providing a wonderful honey wine and that you will continue to have
it available locally.

Sincerely, Wendy, Dunkirk, NY

September 20, 2007

Carroll's Mead is hands down the best mead I have ever had.
The NYRF is very lucky to have Carroll's Mead as a sponsor.
Years ago my first experience with mead was at the NYRF and I
have been looking for a light mead ever since.
Carroll's mead is the lightest most refreshing honey wine!
Peter W.
September 11, 2007

I attended the NYRF this weekend, and was delighted by the delicious, refreshing mead that was served. I wish to praise you for making
this festive beverage, and look forward to seeing it available here in CT.

Thanks again, Kevin
August 13, 2007

Hi. I was at the NY Renaissance Faire a couple of years ago and
had the happy occasion to try some of your was fabulous.
I live in Maryland and I know that we have a meade producer in our state
but yours is superior in my view. is there any way someone in Maryland
can purchase your meade online for shipment to their home???
Thanks so much!  Debra
August 8, 2007