CARROLL'S MEAD Frequently Asked Questions
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Q. Is this a true Mead?

A. Yes.  Real Mead is pure, made from Honey, Water and Yeast.

Q. Where can I purchase
Carroll’s Mead?
A. Our current distribution is in PA, NJ, NY, MD, DE, VA.  Any store that sells wine should either stock or can special order
Carroll’s Mead.  In PA, the PLCB Specialty Wine stores sell Carroll’s Mead.  In VA, Wegmans, Giant Food, Harris Teeter Grocery chains as well as fine wine shops.
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Q. What about other States such as CT or OH or FL?

A. We are working to gain distribution in all States.  You can help. 
If you want
Carroll’s Mead, ask your favorite wine store to ask his favorite distributor.  Even better, ask for the Distributor’s contact information,
contact Carroll's Mead and we will contact that distributor.