In the fall of 2005, I took a long standing family tradition of making sweet mead to a commercial level.  My goal was to create a mead that was lighter in taste and body than most commercially produced meads, and to capture the sweet wine enthusiast as well as to maintain an ancient tradition of making wine from pure honey, water and yeast.

My initial meeting with world renowned winemaking consultant Cesar Baeza, Wine Master at Brotherhood, America’s Oldest Winery was to discuss the concept.  “Can honey be cold fermented, much the same as Riesling, to maintain the fresh fruity flavors and floral aromas in the honey?”  “I am not sure.” was Cesar’s response, and thus began the process.

After working with honey and levels of alcohol and residual sweetness, we decided that a lower alcohol mead that was kept cool during fermentation and with a remaining sugar level that was sweet was the wine I was looking for.  …  And Carroll’s Mead was born. 

“Most Mead wines are boiled during fermentation.  This excessive heat can change the properties in the honey, yielding a strong, almost scorched flavor, much like that of a dark beer where the barley malt is roasted.

The difference between
Carroll’s Mead and other commercially produced meads could be equated to the difference between Eiswein and Oktoberfest!”

During the first calendar year in production, 2006, we introduced Carroll’s Mead into the markets of Northern Virginia and Up State New York, with a limited entry into Maryland and New Jersey.  Carroll’s Mead can now be found in specialty wine shops in each of these markets and in Pennsylvania, as well as some up scale grocery stores in Virginia.

Carroll’s Mead was chosen to be the exclusive Mead served at the 2006 New York Renaissance Faire, where it was very popular.  The result of that presence was instant demand for Carroll’s Mead in States surrounding the SE New York area, such as PA, NJ, RI and CT.  We are happy to report that Carroll’s Mead will once again be the exclusive Mead served at NYRF.

2007 will be spent working on market development using in store tastings and other events where we can expose
Carroll’s Mead to consumers in PA, MD, DE, VA, NJ and NY.